A gift is never required but always appreciated...

Repeat patronage is the best gift of all!

Here are some ideas that would excite and please me:

Godiva chocolates.
Roses - white, pink, peach, lavender, and yellow are my favorite colors!
Perfume (please ask me for info).
Gift Cards - Macy's, Victoria's Secret, Frederick's Of Hollywood, Barnes and Noble, Bloomingndale's and Tiffany's.
Spa Gift Certificates.
Smooth Jazz or R&B cds.
Yankee Candles - I like any citrus scented in spring/summer, and cinnamon scented or holiday scented in fall/winter. Please no vanilla or flowery scented candles!

*Champagne-Moet White Star, Dom Perignon, Christal.
*Bailey's Irish Creme
*Apple Martinis with Ciroc or Gray Goose vodka.

* I only accept alcoholic drinks on multiple hour engagments only.

A gratuity is never expected but always accepted with humble appreciation.